Engelzeiger – Angel Pointer

Angel Pointer description

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with MVD Architects and OK Art Center on realising the Angel Pointer interface. My support came in form of the system architecture, setup and technical solution development and implementation where we provided a touch interface for the active exploration of the statues and murals in the Ursulinenkirche Linz. The interface provides a virtual panorama of the church and highlights of documented statues together with a guide and information about each statue.

The touch interface is wirelessly connected to a DMX moving head which reacts to the user’s selection on the table and precisely and quickly highlights the statue or point of interest in real space while they are being informed about it. This enables the visitor to get actively involved with the cultural assets of the church through a multisensorial interactive experience. And as assets are extremely easy to create, edit and reconfigure this experience can be refreshed and adapted to other settings.

The feedback from the users came as overwhelmingly positive in regards to how the interface helped them connect to and explore the church setting.