I consider myself inspired by contemporary technology and DIY cultures while still maintaining the belief that the newest technology isn’t necessarily a requirement. I’m driven by a fascination with technology and by the desire to convey meaning through it. I work at the intersection of communication, digital identity and networks. The artworks I make are a combination of sculptural material qualities, technological intervention, participatory experience and everyday existentialism. My design work focuses on the web and technology in general as mediums for identity, information and innovative communication projects in the creative industry.

Short Bio


Ioan Cernei ( born 1987, RO)is an artist and researcher with a focus on interactive art and interaction design – currently based in Bucharest, Romania.

BFA at the National University of Art in Bucharest – Photography, Video and Computer Generated Image (2009) and MA at Interface Cultures Lab – UFG Linz (2016)..His works have been exhibited among other places at  TEDXVienna, Lab30 Augsburg , DelavskiDom Trbovlje , MediaCentreMaribor , Victoria Art Center Bucharest , Ars Electronica Linz, Galerie 5020 Salzburg, WRO Media Art Biennale. Currently I’m working on a choreographic system as well as running our design company, Black & Field together with Tiina Sööt and maintaining previously developed projects.

Selected Projects and Exhibitions

• 2017/ Embroidered Data/WRO Media Art Biennale, Installation + Objects,  Wroclaw, Poland

• 2016/ Embroidered Data/CNDB, Embroidered Chair, action, Bukarest, Romania

• 2016/ Embroidered Data/FILE Festival 2016, Webapp presence, São Paulo, Brazil

• 2016/ Engelzeiger – Angelpointer/Höhen Rausch, OK Linz, Installation, Linz, Österreich with MVD Architects

• 2016/ Movement Scores on Perfloor/Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, Workshop, Tallinn, Estonia  with Tiina Sööt

• 2016/ Perfloor/Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, Artist in Residence, Tallinn, Estonia with Tiina Sööt

• 2016/ Embroidered Data/Ars Electronica Center, Installation, Linz, Österreich

• 2015/ Huis Clos/The Wrong Biennale, Worldwide

• 2015/ Pete the Skipper/Pratersauna Art and Social Space, Wien, Österreich

• 2015/ Falling Leaves/Pratersauna Art and Social Space, Wien, Österreich

• 2015/ Floor: Part of Greetings from Eastern Europe/Gallery 5020, Salzburg, Österreich with Tiina Sööt

• 2014/ Puls : Sound Reactive Installation/ Kunst u. Kultur Zentrum Werk, Wien, Österreich

• 2014/ Greetings from Eastern Europe/ Ars Electronica, Linz, Österreich with Tiina Sööt

• 2014/ FMR1/ Kocevje Gallery, Slowenien

• 2014/ Huis Clos/ Victoria Art Center, Bukarest, Rumänien

• 2013/ Ambient Assisted User Interfaces/ Wien, Eindhoven, Berlin, Sofia

• 2013/ FMR1/ Art Stays Ptuj, Slowenien

• 2012/ Huis Clos/ MediaCentre Maribor, Slowenien

• 2012/ Chemical Strawberry Feature/ LAB30, Augsburg , Deutschland

• 2012/ Paparazzi Lover – Technolust/ Museumsquartier, Wien, Österreich

• 2011/ OpenContainerrr – Kurator/Promenade, Linz, Österreich

• 2011/ Expandimentalll – Kurator/Tabakfabrik, Linz, Österreich

• 2011/ Extravagant Rubbish/ Nova Galerija, Trbovlje, Slowenien

• 2011/ FMR1, Huis Clos, Squeezer/ Ars Electronica, Linz, Österreich

• 2009/ Spatie/ MTR, Bukarest, Rumänien

• 2009/ The Dream/ TheOneMinutes Film Festival, Brüssel, Belgien

• 2008/ Delir in Doi – Kurzfilm/ Studentenfest, Temeswar , Rumänien

• 2008/ We Are Brand man – Kurzfilm/ Studentfest, Temeswar, Rumänien

• 2007/ Evil Plans/ Galeria 26, Bukarest, Rumänien