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The Japanese holding company Bandai Namco is best known for its video game franchises. The company was formed following the merger of Bandai and Namco on 29 September 2005, with both companies' assets being merged into a single corporate entity. The core video game branch of the company is Bandai Namco Entertainment, formerly called Namco Bandai Games, which develops games for home consoles, arcades and mobile phones internationally. Pac-Man is its highest-grossing franchise, with over US$12.8 billion by 2016, while Tekken is its best-selling franchise, with over 49 million copies across multiple platforms. Bandai Namco owns former developer Banpresto, which operates as a toy company in Japan and was purchased in 2006, and acquired a 95-percent stake in D3 Publisher in 2009. Bandai Namco also owns the video game rights to several anime licenses, notably Dragon Ball. (Full list...)

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Giuseppe Tominz

Giuseppe Tominz (6 July 1790 – 24 April 1866) was an Italian-Slovenian portrait painter. His work was influenced by late Classicism and the style of Viennese artists of the Biedermeier period. The individuals in his portraits have sharp features and clear forms, but despite this the depictions are realistic, sometimes with an ironic touch. The backgrounds are filled with landscapes or the city from which the person depicted originated.

Tominz painted this oil-on-canvas portrait of Pietro Stanislao Parisi and his family in 1849. Parisi was head of a trading company, still active in Trieste today; the shipping visible in the background represents the family's mercantile interests. The painting is currently held in a private collection in Rome.

Painting credit: Giuseppe Tominz

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