Exposure to media is a shock to our nervous system that blocks feelings of discomfort and, like lab rats, has us mindlessly navigating through a maze for more satisfaction. Marshall McLuhan explains that access to tools and technology in society determines how that society will crumble or prosper. We become what we behold.

An example of a technology that has been able to change social behaviour is the television. Television is an urban compound that is present in almost all houses and the simple act of turning a television on can reduce a room full of people into silence.

With a squeezer, a genital like tangible music interface to interact with your television, or any device with a headphone output, you are able to modify the audio pitch of the gadget to which it is attached.The variation of the pitch is proportional to the pressure exerted to the squeezer. The more pressure, the higher the pitch. Footage is from Ars Electronica Festival 2011 : Origin, where the authors Fabrizio Lamoncha, Masa Jazbec and Ioan Cernei have shown this project in the Interface Cultures Unuselessness exhibition. Thank you goes to Lenka Klimesova for video documenting this project.