HRTP TrafficJam

TrafficJam – currently in development



We are all well aware that our city (Bucharest) is taken over by cars. Continuing the series of interventions and experiments into augmented reality in public space – HRTP, started with the installation Dome at Liminal Festival 2019, the TrafficJam installation proposes a data driven virtual protest in front of the Romanian Parliament and behind the Bucharest City Hall by covering the surface of Izvor Park with the virtual representation of 1807412 White Dacia Logan, equivalent to the total registered automobiles within the Bucharest-Ilfov region, as reported by NIS (National Institute of Statistics) for the end of the year 2018, excluding transitory vehicles. Known as one of the most polluted and traffic ridden cities in Europe, Bucharest and Romania need considerable reforms regarding environmental and motorization policy. 

The 1807412 cars occupy 17 ha in 71 layers, or 724x302m in 71 layers, or approximately 25000 Dacia Logans per layer. These numbers are easy to read, but hard to conceive and this work serves as a data visualization in public space in order to create a human scale representation of the cars present in our day to day life. This work is commisioned by spam_index media art platform and will be released soon on that platform and on location.