“FMR1″ is an interface using breathing as input into the system. With this project we want to show the fatal connection between technology and internet in today’s society, which could lead to consequences such as loss of identity and confusion. We attempt to show the invasion of technology in the most intimate areas of our lives.

Insights into the womb and the fetus are a extreme form of intrusion into intimacy. the virtual image without emotion, without understanding, therefore, only information satisfies the curious eye. We are able to get videos of a fetus from the Youtube platform. Although that child has not even been born, his image is already exposed to everyone on the internet. T

he installation FMR1 allows the spectator the possibility of entry with its 3d shape into the 2d virtual world using a breathing apparatus to interact, which gives him the role of a creator. When he breathes into the divide,he is able to move the embryo on the screen. Man and machine co-exist in a dynamic system. the human body is thus the last part of physis that is still connected with the real material world. Footage is from Ars Electronica Festival 2011 : Origin, where the authors Fabrizio Lamoncha, Masa Jazbec and Ioan Cernei have shown this project in the Interface Cultures Unuselessness exhibition. Thank you goes to Lenka Klimesova for video documenting this project.