embroidered data description

Embroidered data is one part ethnographic and anthropologic research, one part performance and one part wearable media art. My project starts from the premise that ethnographic textile craft ornament (embroideries, knitting patterns and weaving patterns) can be used to code and communicate personal information. It is to some extent common knowledge that ethnographic patterns are representative in the least of specific cultures. Following research into the topic of the development of ethnographic ornament in eastern and northern-eastern geographic Europe I developed a web application which synthesises wearable ethnographic ornament based on the country of origin and the country of residence, education level, age, relationship status and field of work.


 During this process a variety of patterns have been collected from various individuals  (with multiple backgrounds). Some of these patterns have been realised as wearable media pieces (data-encoded garments) and some are simply collected.  You can use the application below: